Regional Attraction

Päijät-Häme is an appealing region that attracts new residents, companies and tourists. The recently established Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT) and LAB University of Applied Sciences ensure that the region provides suitable higher education to meet the needs of business and industry in the region. Excellent accessibility and its proximity to the Helsinki metropolitan area are some of the region’s main advantages. However, to ensure the attractiveness of the region, we must also keep in mind the soft appeal factors. The atmosphere and identity of the region, the wild nature and the urban environments, as well as events and recreational services, among others, have an important role to play in the improvement of the region’s appeal.

By boosting the region’s appeal, we create a positive twist. An increase in population not only increases tax income in the region. In addition, it provides opportunities for commerce and industry, increases demand for and supply of services and boosts urban and village culture – which, in turn, increase the appeal of the whole region. The region’s residents and their opinions also play an important role. How would you like to develop the Päijät-Häme region?

Päijät-Häme is strong in service design. Therefore, it is well positioned to stand out with person-oriented services and comfortable everyday life. These areas are developed and reinforced in co-operation between the different parties through various projects.


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Development Director
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