Regional Board

In its meeting on 11 October 2021, the Regional Assembly selected a Regional Board for the duration of its term. The Regional Board has 12 members, at least one from each of the member municipalities.

The Regional Board meets about 12 times each year.

Among other things, the Regional Board:

  • prepares matters for the Regional Council and enforces them;
  • is responsible for the implementation of development programmes and regional strategy by issuing statements referred to in the act and in the government decree on regional development to regional administrative authorities by approving programme agreements as far as they concern the council and by making decisions on the use of the regional development funds;
  • is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the regional land use plan by issuing statements on the regional and general land use plans or similar plans referred to in the Land Use and Building Act, as well as other statements relevant to the implementation of the regional land use plan;
  • governs the operations of the council office.

Further information

Jari Paakkunainen
Director, Administration
Tel.: +358 44 3719 455