Circular Economy

Circular economy in Päijät-Häme is based on Region’s strong knowledge in environmental technology and cleantech. Since the 1990s the Region has been as a forerunner of environmental technology. The possibilities of circular economy are expected to create growth and business in Päijät-Häme in the future, strengthen Region’s logistically important location and bold Päijät-Häme’s profile as a Region of sustainable development.  

The circular economy in Päijät-Häme means energy and resource efficiency and new solutions in bio and circular economy. The circular economy will create new business possibilities, products and services. New services, and circular economy education in different levels will raise capabilities and offer companies new business possibilities and knowledge in transition to sustainable economy.           

Päijät-Häme’s circular economy roadmap defines targets, collects both actors and projects and in systematic way guides Region’s progress in circular economy. Region’s authorities, developers, representatives of universities and businesses hold several times a year the Circular Economy Group meeting. The group exchanges information on ongoing and planned circular economy activities and projects.

For further information, please contact:

Johanna Snell
Project coordinator
+358 44 077 3637