Land Use Planning

Land use planning consists of the planning of residential areas, employment zones, the location of recreational areas and objects of conservation and cultural value, and the functioning of traffic. Planning is based on a diverse knowledge base and interaction, as well as the various options evaluated through these, on the basis of which a formula is developed. Area planning is an interactive and open process in which stakeholders have the opportunity to be involved in the preparation of the plan. Area planning is based on the Land Use and Building Act.

Land use planning in Finland consists of three planning levels; a regional land use plan, a local master plan and a local detailed plan.

The regional land use plan defines how land is used in the region. It is guided by the national land use guidelines issued by the Ministry of the Environment. The regional plan is a guideline for municipal planning and other official activities. It is prepared by the provincial association and approved by the provincial council. The regional plan guides municipal planning at the regional level and enables more precise solutions to be aligned in detailed planning.

The master plan is the municipality’s general land use plan, which guides the preparation of the detail plan. The master plan is prepared by the municipality and approved by the municipal council.

The detailed plan is the most detailed plan level to guide construction. It is guided by a legally binding master plan or a regional plan. The detailed plan is approved by the municipal council. The waterside plan guides the construction of water areas, which can also be prepared by the landowner.

Legal Regional Land Use Plan of Päijät-Häme 2014

The Regional Land Use Plan 2014 entered into force on 14 May 2019.
Legal regional land use plan planning documents and map service (website in finnish)

Phase Regional Plan of Waste Treatment Area 2020

Phase Regional Plan of the Päijät-Häme waste treatment area (Lahti Region Recycling Park)

The Phase Regional Plan is intended to resolve the issue of the location of the waste management area in the Lahti region. The implementation options for the area are compared and their effects are assessed in an environmental impact assessment. The plan resolves the issue of the location of the waste treatment area and the related traffic and technical maintenance networks. The actual implementation of the area can only be planned once the necessary formulas have become final, and it will take several years for the development of the area to commence.

The Phase Regional Plan 2020 is currently in the proposal stage.
Project schedule, planning documents and map service (website in finnish)

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