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Päijät-Häme Regional Council


Interreg Europe

€1.55 million


LOTTI – Local identity driving traditional industry transition

The aim of the LOTTI project is to enhance capacity of public authorities to design and implement policies fostering an innovative, sustainable, resilient and citizen-led transition driven by industrial tradition and identity.

Specific objectives, achieved through interregional exchange and connecting to Smart Specialisation (S3) priorities in each region, are to support public authorities to:

  1. Engage citizens in a pro-active approach to industrial transition, using local identity as a source of opportunity and a means of addressing backlash often present in the face of socio-economic transformation.
  2. Re-create local identities that can encourage effective and attractive technological and non-technological innovation of traditional industrial contexts.
  3. Connect local identity with the possibility for new jobs, businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities, based on S3 sectors and a regeneration of industrial production and premises.

The project consortium includes partners from Finland, Ireland, France, Italy, Poland and Spain, who will identify and present good practices and participate in shared learning events towards policy improvement in their respective regions. Regional Council of Päijät-Häme is the Lead Partner of the project. 

The project includes the participation of a Regional Stakeholder Group to ensure that relevant actors are actively involved in policy learning and in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of policy improvement, so that project outcomes are disseminated and embedded across the region.

This project is co-funded by the European Union through the Interreg Europe Programme.

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Project Manager
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