Sports and Experiences

Well-being, sports, tourism, culture and tourism experiences – wrapping all this to an interesting products and services raise attraction of the region as a good place to live, travel and make business. Assets are high-level knowhow of sports and cultural events and clean and easily attainable nature with lake areas.      

Päijät-Häme Strategy for Tourism and Events gives guidelines to the development of Region’s tourism and events industry. The main areas of the strategy are events, movement and cleanness. The tourism and events strategy is supported by Päijät-Häme’s strategy for sport and health. The goal is to strengthen Region’s tourism and well-being industry.        

The main actors in the R&D activities related to well-being, sport and tourism experiences are Region’s sport academies, educational schools and other organisations. The main R&D target is to go international and expand in generating growth and new jobs.    

Päijät-Häme’s road map for sports and experiences and well-being is in preparation with stakeholders. The LAB University of Applied Sciences is coordinating the road map process and the work will be ready in the Spring 2021.

For further information, please contact:

Juha Hertsi
Regional Development Manager
+358 44 371 9442