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Regional Council of Ostrobothnia


Interreg Baltic Sea Region

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The GRETA – Green Transformation! A Policy tool for Regional Smart Specialisation in the Baltic Sea Area – project aims to develop policy tools for sustainable Smart Specialisation innovation strategies in the Baltic Sea region, supporting the green transformation of society and the economy in ways that are aligned with the EU Commission’s Green Deal (EGD).

We aim to build on and transform experiences with methods to support growth with environmental targets in two areas of the EGD: energy and the circular economy. In addition to innovation system stakeholders involved in the LARS project, GRETA will involve relevant stakeholders (experts and institutions) in environmental issues.

The green transformation is a deep transformation of society and the economy, in the direction of reduced CO2 emissions and a circular economy where human consumption of the planet’s resources are reduced. This transformation can drive ‘green growth’ in new industries. In order to achieve a sustainable future, we need strategies to transform the systems of innovation and the structures of our regional and national economies. This requires co-creation of a shared understanding across several sectors, institutions and levels. Strategies for smart green growth and transformation requires an assessment of existing policy instruments, networks and systems of innovation, and reflection upon the synergies that are needed for this change.

Smart specialisation is one of the key delivery mechanism for the new green growth strategy. The aim of GRETA is to develop tools for green transformation and green growth driven by Smart Specialisation strategies. The tools will be developed in chosen intervention areas.

The intervention area in Päijät-Häme is to study the challenges of the beverage and food industry in relation to the green transition in greater detail. The perspectives are the bio-circular economy, a sustainable and clean beverage and food industry, a clean environment and pure water, promoting modern and sustainable agriculture and agricultural entrepreneurship, and climate co-operation between municipalities and businesses.

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