Smart Specialisation

Smart Specialisation is an innovative approach that aims to boost growth and jobs by enabling regions to identify and develop their own competitive advantages. Through its partnership and bottom-up approach, Smart Specialisation brings together quadruple helix (4H) actors such as local authorities, academia, businesses and the civil society, working for the implementation of long-term growth strategies supported by EU funding.

Everything is based on regional co-operation. In Päijät-Häme, Smart Specialisation means that our 4H actors have selected the strongest areas of expertise that have the potential to create sustainable growth, jobs and welfare. The renewed spearheads for Smart Specialisation in Päijät-Häme Region are Sport, Food and beverage and Manufacturing. These three spearheads have sustainability as a cross-cutting principle.



The European Commission launched the concept of Smart Specialisation in 2012 ( in order to support regions to find their innovation potential in business sectors and services. One of the most important targets is to help regions reinforce their R&D activities by utilising the EU’s different financial instruments and programmes. This is supported by Smart Specialisation thematic forums, which give tools to the development of interregional co-operation and the formation of European value-chains.


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