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The European Commission has approved Päijät-Häme region as a signatory to the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change. The Mission supports regions, cities and local authorities in their efforts to build resilience against the impacts of climate change.

Climate change adaptation is essential because the climate has already changed and will continue to do so despite efforts to mitigate climate change. Signatories of the Mission agreement commit to pursuing climate resilience by 2030 by promoting local and regional adaptation measures. Over 300 cities and regions from across Europe are now part of this mission.

In Päijät-Häme, a regional program for climate change adaptation for the years 2023–2030 has been developed, tells Maarit Virtanen, a project manager for climate projects. This EU Mission provides support for refining and implementing measures in collaboration with various stakeholders. The Mission also supports other regional climate efforts, the implementation of the regional Green Transition program, and is linked to the development of municipal climate plans. Through this initiative, it is possible to network with other regions and cities, participate in trainings, and leverage various tools and funding opportunities. Funding for EU missions comes from the Horizon Europe program.

Regional Mayor Niina Pautola-Mol expressed her joy at the news and says that Päijät-Häme’s inclusion in the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change is another indication of the region’s strong environmental work. Mission’s goals are crucial both nationally and internationally, and joining the Mission enables broader cooperation among EU cities and regions.

Further information on the Mission:

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